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All levels vinasya inspired asana (yoga) practice Join us outdoors for a nourishing and grounding yoga practice. The class is breath centered to help you connect to your pranic life force. This is a complete class with meditation, connection to your energy centers, vital movement and a nourishing cool down. 

You'll be guided into a nourishing warm up that will prepare you for the standing postures.  The vinyasa flow will include sun salutations and a sequence that will help you move at your own rhythm and listen to your own body's needs. The standing poses build strength & stamina and activate you vital pranic energy in  your body.  We will end with a cool down sequence that will improve your immune response.  The final pose will be shavasana, a deeply relaxing pose. The class will be one hour and 15 minutes Guided by Dawn Feuerberg, certified classical ashtanga yoga, tantra meditation guide , and founder of Aurora Adventures, LLC. ( see full bio  below)

The beauty of being outdoors is that it can deepen your connection with the earth.  Dawn will encourage you to tune into your breathing, absorb your surroundings and physical sensation, and to stay present in the here and now. 

Dawn's bio:

Guided by Dawn Feuerberg, certified classical ashtanga yoga teacher, classical tantra meditation instructor and founder of Aurora Adventures, LLC, a wellness inspired travel company. Dawn began meditating at age 9, teaching yoga in 1998 and guiding shamanic rituals in 2012. For the past decade Dawn has been a dedicated student of Sally Kempton, the highly regarded scholar of spiritual tantra and yoga philosophy. She has studied with Siberian shamans and Zapotec & Toltec wisdom keepers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Dawn is currently studying for her advanced degree in yoga philosophy and Sanskrit (YSACP 500). She is also a mother of two, a surfer and a Spanish professor. 


General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Age Restriction

15 & up.