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Shamanic Morning Rituals on the Beach

Are you ready to feel more joy in your life and make a shift? 
The 4 elements of these empowering shamanic morning rituals are designed to bring more joy and vitality to your life and in just one hour you will feel a significant shift. If you are feeling stuck or feel the need to let go of anything that is no longer serving you, this experience is for you. You will get a short cardio work out while connecting to the earth and learn tools to bring about practical and empowered life change.


We will meet at a local beach that has an incredible view of the majestic Morro Bay Rock.  In this one hour class you will be guided to connect with your with the energy centers (chakras) in the body by doing earthing practices to clear the mind & the body of any holding patterns, a laughter meditation that opens the heart chakra, and a gratitude practice that brings more vitality & abundance to your life.  Dawn will introduce the 4 elements of these empowering  shamanic morning rituals in a relaxed and open atmosphere for all so that it can be used as a framework for practical and empowered life change..

For the first ritual, we will connect with our first 2 chakras by doing  intentional brisk walking or running barefoot on the sand with intention.  Secondly, we will do specific  joint movements to clear the mind and the body of any holding patterns and to release judgements or negative thought processes. Thirdly, we will do a laughter meditation that allows a beautiful heart opening & release and that deeply connects you to your  truest essence .  The first 3 exercises above prepare you for the final exercise of doing 3 prayers of gratitude that include specific movements that bring more vitality and abundance to your life.   This class is adapted to all fitness levels! In fact, one of the teachings is to do the activities at 10% your ability to increase more pleasure and flexibility in your life.These practices also allow us to connect deeply with the divine feminine within. This class is open to all genders. 
Great for groups & team building.  Please request dates & times. or go to


Guided by Dawn Feuerberg, certified classical ashtanga yoga teacher, classical tantra meditation instructor and founder of Aurora Adventures, LLC, a wellness inspired travel company. Dawn began meditating at age 9, teaching yoga in 1998 and guiding shamanic rituals in 2012. For the past decade Dawn has been a dedicated student of Sally Kempton, the highly regarded scholar of spiritual tantra and yoga philosophy. She has studied with Siberian shamans and Zapotec & Toltec wisdom keepers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Dawn is currently studying for her advanced degree in yoga philosophy and Sanskrit (YSACP 500). She is also a mother of two, a surfer and a Spanish professor. 

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