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Parkfield is a picturesque hamlet secluded on the central coast of California. 25 miles northeast of Paso Robles and surrounded by the best of California’s natural beauty. Parkfield’s clean air, warm nights, and idyllic setting mesh effortlessly with true American music: bluegrass.

Every Mother’s Day weekend this quiet town’s population leaps from a mere 18 to over a thousand bluegrass pickers, pluckers and fun-loving fans. For nearly 2 decades music fans have savored the natural beauty and peaceful ambiance of the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival. Nature’s soothing sights and sounds combine with the soulful, high lonesome sound of bluegrass music for an experience that is unique, to say the least.

At the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival live bands play all day on a cozy stage and at night fans enjoy late night sets in the Parkfield Cafe.

Meanwhile back in the campgrounds there are jam sessions galore. The festival also offers several workshops on a variety of instruments as well as a music camp for kids.

This Mother’s Day weekend will find Parkfield once more transformed into bluegrass nirvana. We hope to see you there!

The Lineup (here are just some): 

Mr. Sun 
Friday & Saturday 

Acoustic Music supergroup Mr Sun, featuring renowned fiddler Darol Anger, guitarist Grant Gordy, Scottish bassist Aidan O’Donnell, and mandolinist Joe Walsh, will come to Watermelon Wednesdays on September 22nd, celebrating their upcoming CD release Extrovert on Compass Records. Their appearances in the last 4 years at Wintergrass, Grey Fox and Freshgrass, and at IBMA conventions, have created a powerful presence throughout the Acoustic Americana music scene.

Edgar Loudermilk Band
Thursday and Friday

Influenced greatly by his father and grandfather, Edgar Loudermilk cut his teeth on bluegrass by learning to play bass to the legendary record, “Bluegrass Album Band Volume 1.” Surrounded by music at an early age, Loudermilk was only nine when he began playing bass in his family’s band. He continued to play in his family’s band until he was 20 years old when he joined the group Carolina Crossfire. Carolina Crossfire had quite a following in the Georgia area and it wasn’t long before Loudermilk decided to expand his options and try his hand at playing professionally, a decision that has made him a staple for elite artists in bluegrass music.

The Clements Brothers
Saturday and Sunday

The Clements Brothers are George (guitar) and Charles (upright bass), identical twins from the heart of New England. The two have been playing and writing music together for as long as they can remember, first entering the Americana music scene in 2012 as part of the internationally touring grass-roots band, ‘The Lonely Heartstring Band,’ with whom they put out two albums on Rounder Records. Most recently, George could be found playing the role of Paul Simon in the hit national act ‘The Simon and Garfunkel Story’ while Charles could often be found on stage with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Now, ‘The Clements Brothers’ marks their first original project together, focused on capturing their singer-songwriter sensibilities in a unique blend, with harmonies only achievable by their identical voices, at once enthralling and intimate, groovy and serene. 


Never Come Down
Thursday and Friday

Weaving together modern and traditional styles of American music, Never Come Down is a Portland, Oregon based 5-piece composed of Joe Suskind (guitar), Crystal Lariza (vocals), Brian Alley (banjo), Kaden Hurst (mandolin), and Ben Ticknor (bass). Their dedication to thoughtful songwriting and dynamic arrangements highlight polished technical skills and a commitment to listening to each other. Formed in 2018, the band began touring extensively- steadily cultivating a passionate fan base at home in the Pacific Northwest, and eventually around the country.

Mountain Highway
Saturday and Sunday

With a style all their own, Mountain Highway is a musical family group performing bluegrass, country, and gospel music originally made famous by icons like Bill Monroe, the Carter Family, Ralph Stanley, and a few outliers like the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. Two sisters and a family friend play banjo, guitar, and mandolin as they sing three-part harmony, while the sisters’ dad plays an electric upright bass.

Crying Uncle Bluegrass

Widely recognized as one of the most exciting young bands in acoustic music, Crying Uncle Bluegrass plays a unique mix of bluegrass, Dawg (David Grisman music), jazz, and modern originals. Brothers Miles and Teo Quale are joined by bassist Andrew Osborn and 2023 National Flat Pick Guitar Champion Ian Ly, all outstanding young musicians of the vibrant California bluegrass scene. 

Stillhouse Junkies
Thursday and Friday

A crowd-thrilling trio from the hills of Colorado, Stillhouse Junkies share the kind of strangely charmed chemistry that elevates both artist and audience alike. Since forming the Stillhouse Junkies in 2017, the Durango-bred band have offered up a hypnotic and high-energy form of roots music anchored in the free-flowing interplay. 

Alum Ridge Boys with Ashlee
Thursday and Friday

The Alum Ridge Boys & Ashlee are torchbearers for a dynamic, deeply grounded musical style that champions the fertile common ground between bluegrass, early country, and traditional mountain music. Their powerful harmony singing and excellent musicianship have captivated audiences around the country and overseas and helped them win many awards. 

Many more acts throught the weekend, including: 

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Miscellaneous Policies

*$5 refund with appropriate ID at festival gate for BMSCC or affiliated Bluegrass Music Society members, Seniors (62 years and older) and Military-Active Duty. Only one discount per ticket. Discounts apply to Multiple Day Tickets Only.

*Please visit www.ParkfieldBluegrass.Org for further information. Checkout the Kids page and sign up for Kids Music Camp.    

*FIRES: No Open Fires or any open burning, including charcoal, camp and cooking fires.  

*A Camping unit comprises a campsite with tent and no more than two automobiles or camping vehicles (motor home, trailer, etc.) -- festival staff reserves discretion to make determinations regarding overnight camping charges.    

*Electrical sites:  There are a limited number of electric powered sites providing: 30 Amp & 20 Amp sites allowing A/C, and 10 Amp sites No A/C  or high power usage devices. No daisy-chaining.  Only campers who purchase Electrical Hookup may camp in the designated electrical sites.  


*CAMPING - No earlier than Wednesday, May 8th with Multi-Day Festival ticked purchase;    

*GENERATOR GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY: For the safety and pleasure of neighboring campers and RVers, a generator diversion exhaust system is required for all onboard generators. The exhaust system shall redirect exhaust exiting above the top level of your RV reducing the noise and divert harmful exhaust fumes away from the ground, where they are often inhaled by neighbors. Please be very considerate if using an external generator. Some type of sound baffling may be necessary. Fumes can be a problem here too. Remember, your neighbors may be in a tent. If the use of a generator is deemed to be unreasonably loud or smelly by the facility staff, use of the generator may be limited &/or prohibited. Hours of operation are 8 AM to 9 PM.