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A Real Haunted Lighthouse Paranormal Ghost Investigation

Ever wanted to be in a Real Paranormal Investigation of an 1890 Haunted Lighthouse?

Have you heard the whispers in your ear, from the Ocean wind that gently caresses your face on a cool summer night on the bluff alone in a Lighthouse?

Is this the Ghost from the People of the Past or the Lighthouse keeper himself  that so many have witnesses?

What about the poor lost seamen lost Roanoke May 12, 1916 at sea looking for help from the beacking lighthouse, Can you still  hear the fog horn warning the sailors or the screams that no one ever heard as the seamen lost their lives and still wandering the shores looking for the Lighthouse for help.

Join the San Luis 1890  Lighthouse for a once in a lifetime experience, looking for Ghost with real Ghost Hunters in a Historical Lighthouse.

You will be picked up at the bus parking lot below, Haunted bus ride leaves on time, you will be driven through the windy canyon to the ocean bluff where the Lighthouse awaits you.
Once your driver leaves, be ready.... There is no way off, we will be alone on the bluff with only you, the Ghost Hunters and the lighthouse keeper and his Ghost.

Joined Ghost Hunter Marie Mason and her crew who have hosted Live Paranormal Events at GlenTavern, Randsburg Ghost town, Fort Tejon 1854, William Hart Park,  and many more.

What to expect:
You will be broken up into small groups escorted with a Ghost Hunter  into the 1890 Lighthouse, the lighthouse tower, the Fog horn room, the basement and the Bedrooms. 
All Paranormal equipment supplied -if you have your own cameras bring it . (No Live feeds)
We will even have a lookout spot with night vision binoculars on the bluff to see the legend of the ghost ship from 1916that sunk losing

No one leaves for 2 hours until your bus comes to take you away.

Be aware this is a Real Paranormal Investigation are you prepared?  
Tickets will go fast!

General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Age Restriction

Not recommended for children.