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Join us every third Friday at 12 pm at the Granada Hotel & Bistro in San Luis Obispo for a collaboration of minds to help you start investing today!

About this event

This event includes a uniquely crafted lunch and drink of your choice, selected at checkout.  

May 2022 menu: 
ENTREE CHOICE (choice of one)

seared ahi tuna, napa cabbage, jalapeño, bell pepper, toasted almonds, ginger-soy vinaigrette, chili oil
etto fettuccine pasta, fresh basil pesto, basil cream, parmesan
braised pork shoulder, pickled red onion, jalapeño, mustard aioli, gruyere cheese, house pickles, cilantro, fried plantains


whipped strawberry goat cheese, tangerines, fresh mint, candied pistachio, arugula, red wine vinaigrette

DRINK CHOICE (choice of one)
vodka, st. germain, cucumber, lemon

Are you interested in investing in real estate but think you don’t have enough money? 
Have you ever thought about getting into real estate but you felt too overwhelmed with where to even begin? 
Have you ever wanted to go to a real estate investor meetup but felt too intimidated? 
Do you think you have to have great credit and 20% to put down?
Join our panel of local experts for the kick off of WiiRE SLO, a monthly meetup for women who are or are seeking to be real estate investors. We’ll be breaking down the steps it takes to acquire property, sharing unconventional opportunities that you may not be aware of, and creating a mastermind style forum to get you on the path to property acquisition.
Whether you want to get out of a dead end job, begin a new passion project, build community, earn more money, or expand your portfolio; come and discover how to make real estate the road map to achieving all the above and more.
Join us at the Granada Hotel and Bistro where lunch will be available for purchase as we engage in a roundtable workshop with a mastermind and strategy style approach.
What we'll be covering:
  • Learn about lending opportunities, myths, and alternatives
  • Insurance and escrow: how to not kill a deal and CYA
  • Learn how to overcome the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that’ve likely kept you stuck
  • Discover how owning real estate is greater than just buying a house
  • Walk away with clarity, a team, and a solid plan
  • Immerse yourself in a community of women who will support you to begin building a real estate portfolio NOW
  • Fixing, flipping, wholesaling, and more: opportunities are boundless
  • Discover how doing the inner work will help build the outer world
  • Air B and B, tiny homes, home stays, and city and county zoning
  • How to navigate being a woman in the construction world
  • How to work with your local municipalities
From the Founder:
I started WiiRE SLO because after having invested in Real estate since 2006, I discovered that not enough women are educated on how to become investors. With the recent purchase of a multi-unit property in SLO, I found the world of construction and investing to be very male dominated and I saw an opportunity to open up space for more women to become aware of the many opportunities available to them in real estate.

There’s nothing more powerful than gathering women and I wanted to begin paving the path for them to begin to transform their relationship with their money and their mindset when it comes to the limiting beliefs they may have around investing.

My calling to serve women as both a coach and a realtor sparked this vision that we’d all gather in a place with amazing food, ambiance, and company and take this work a little deeper than just investing. It’s our mission to also provide a forum for both business and self development, . We welcome you to join us every month to build a life of financial freedom and purpose among a community of brilliant and badass women from the Central California Coast.



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