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Club Car hosts Uncork the Mic! 
Doors open at 4pm 
Gem Session will be live on February 18th from 6-9pm.  
~ 6 singer songwriter spots open ( if you'd like to play click on the RSVP button so we know you would like to be one of our 6 opening artists).  
Featured Artist for the evening :
Tim MacLane, a proud Central Coast local, is a multifaceted individual whose life has been shaped by the rich tapestry of rock, blues, and country music. Growing up amidst the coastal beauty, Tim found solace and inspiration in the diverse sounds echoing through the landscapes. What began as a casual hobby, strumming chords and singing tales of the local scene, evolved into a passionate pursuit of musical storytelling. 
     Tim MacLane embraces the rough and unpolished aspects of life, weaving them into his lyrics and melodies, transforming personal experiences into relatable narratives. His desire to share these stories freely speaks to his commitment to authenticity, capturing the essence of the Central Coast and the vibrant hues of its cultural landscape. 
      From the rough and raw beginnings of playing in small venues to the more serious undertakings of recording and performing, Tim MacLane's musical journey mirrors the rugged beauty of the Central Coast itself. Through his music, he emerges as a troubadour of the local scene, painting vivid portraits of life, love, and the untamed spirit that defines the region. Tim's commitment to sharing his story resonates with those who appreciate the genuine, creating a musical connection that transcends genres and resonates with the hearts of those who listen.
Contact Michelle Morrow at To be considered for our exclusive “open mic session”, or to be an upcoming featured artist!

Bring your friends, family, neighbors- grab a drink and a bite to eat at our great new Honky Tonk Bar in Templeton.
Good Drink-Good Food- Good Times 
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