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April 29th, the SLOFunny Comedy Show has a spectacular lineup filled with the finest in international touring headliners. Hosted by Comedian and Mentalist Zach Waldman and Featuring Matt Champagne, Joel Bryant, AiSha Alfa and Headliner Laura Hayden.

The Early Show: 6:30PM
Doors Open 30 minutes before showtime, except for VIP Pass Holders.
This show is Rated Light R (Strong Language, Adult Content, the occasional Freudian Slip)

The Dirty Show: 9pm
Doors Open 30 minutes prior to showtime, except for VIP Pass Holders.
This Show is Rated Very R. Some comics may us more strong language, stronger adult content. While we do not book overly lude comics, the gloves are off for this show. 

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Note: Lineups are subject to change, but alway include 5 headliners.

Hosted by Zach Waldman
Zach is a comedian, magician and mentalist. His love of magic came at an early age when Burger King kids meals came with magic tricks. His comedic journey began when he left his home in Miami and moved to New York, Where he worked on the Hoawrd Stern Show. Next, he traveled to Chicago where he studied and performed at the famous Second City, before settling in Santa Monica, California. Zach is funny and entertaining and works regularly with comedy giants like Jimmy Shubert.


Matt Champagne
Matt is a hilarious comedian and actor. You may have seen him guest starring in one of your favorite show like: Numb3rs, CSI Miami, Monk, Will & Grace or Get Shorty to name a few. He has appeared with Tom Rhodes, Christopher Titus, Jon Reep and Nick Swardson. From hi sarcastic one-liners to well-placed puns, from dead-on impressions of New York City pimps, nine-year-old spelling bee contestants and Nancy Grace, to ideas for game shows only he would like, Matt Champagne's frantic energy and clever comic mind combine witty wordplay with unabashed goofiness. You'll laugh against your will.

Joel Bryant
Joel was born in Albuquerque, NM but has embraced the nomadic lifestyle of a comedy vagabond. Joel spends most of his year headlining clubs around the world, but spends most of it in Central Europe. For the football fans among us, Joel returns each year to visit the city hosting our Super Bowl as part of the NFL's SuperBowl Experience. He is an avid athlete, comedian, mc/host, writer, teacher and general inspiration to the crowds he appears in front of. You will enjoy every minute he''s on stage.

AiSha Alfa
AiSha was born in Nigeria and raise in the wilds of Canada. She is best known for her role as Ms. Grell in the Degrassi franchise. She is a Canadian comedian, now working out of Los Angeles. Her first comedy special AiSha Alfa: All the Parts was released in 2020. She appears regularly on a variety of podcasts and radio shows. AiSha has performed at Just For Laughs, toured all over Canada, the US and South Africa. She is a strong woman and her take on life and the world will leave you rolling on the floor.

Headliner Laura Hayden
They say there are two sides to every story–when it comes to Laura Hayden there are about twenty. As a medical professional, comedian and shoe fanatic, Laura combines her experience as a physical therapist with her ability to entertain in order to show people how to let loose, laugh and avoid professional and personal burnout. Laughter is one of the best weapons against stress and burnout, which makes Laura the A-bomb of comedic therapy. Laura’s arsenal of burnout fighting techniques include articles on how to fight burnout, entertaining and enlightening keynotes, and straight shots of stand-up comedy. Like she says “it only hurts when I don’t laugh!” Laura is an internationally touring headliner and spends half of her year Headlining shows throughout Europe and the near East. She has been a regular at the SLO Comedy Festival. She is sassy, sophisticated, intelligent and absolutely hilarious.

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