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New Album Out by Sadie Jasper!

Friday, July 19, 2024 • 7:00PM

Humdinger Brewery, San Luis Obispo

Limited Tickets Available - Secure your spot now. 

Special edition CDs are available.  Purchase here with your tickets and pick up at the merch booth at the event. 

Delicious Humdinger beer and other beverages available, and we'll even have a taco truck on hand. 

Join us for a special night celebrating the new music release from singer-songwriter Sadie Jasper, with special guest Walk the Whale.


It’s interesting becoming a mom young. It seems like your 20’s should be about finding yourself and learning what you love. I didn’t have time to focus on that taking care of two babies. In a lot of ways I feel behind, especially when it comes to knowing myself and developing a confidence in that. In other ways I feel a little bit older than I am. Becoming a parent when you’re still growing up yourself can make you feel like you don’t belong to your own generation. This theme of being in between two worlds, not quite fitting in either is one I’ve been familiar with my whole life. Growing up in a very religious household, attending Christian private school, but living this double life on the streets in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas getting into trouble with a range of kids from different backgrounds. I was exposed to a lot and sheltered from a lot at the same time. This created a multitude of feelings that I didn’t know how to express. On top of that no where and no one felt safe to open up to. As I became aware of the hypocrisy and abuse taking place in the church and school I attended, the feelings grew. Eventually, when my babies were old enough to sleep through the night, these years of repressed emotions exploded into a creative frenzy of songwriting. Her Kingdom Come is a lot of things. But mostly it’s a love letter to myself and my journey thus far. Discovering myself as a woman, a mother and a lover, a human being that experienced religious abuse and overcame it, a misfit that is beginning to feel at peace simply belonging to herself, and an artist dedicated to creating beautiful things out of painful experiences is a wild ride, but it's my ride. My life. My world. My kingdom.

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