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Personal Note from Brynn Albanese, Founder/Artistic Director of Cambria Concerts Unplugged. These two women are some of the hardest working I have met to perfect their craft. They perform at many wineries and other outdoor venues and I believe that much of what they "say" in their songwriting is perhaps lost a bit in the wind. They have a lot to say, and they deserve to be really heard. So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy their gorgeous blend, listen to their stories and take it all in. I will be joining them with my violin as well and a few songs!!!!

Lewis & Rose is the soulful folk fusion duo of Holly Ann Lewis & Ynana Rose. Their music is anchored in strong vocal harmonies, original songwriting & sensitive multi-instrumental arrangements. Ynana & Holly are both vocal powerhouses, and enjoy making music together more than most things in life. Holly Ann Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter that has been singing and recording professionally for 25 years.
Ynana Rose is a performer and award winning songwriter whose debut album "Ynana Rose" was released in 2014, garnering national airplay and great reviews.

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