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Welcome to the dawn of a new era! Central Coast Conscious Community  proudly presents CONSCIOUS-FEST! A gathering of the Healing Arts Professionals & a Crystal Gem Show.

Crystal Gem Show hosted by, Gaia's Gallery of Downtown San Luis Obispo!

Join us at Noi's Little Thai Garden in Baywood for an extraordinary Conscious-Fest experience like never before. 

Our mission is clear – to lead the way towards conscious living, holistic well-being, and spiritual growth. Through this event, we seek to introduce the healing arts to the masses while raising vital awareness and funds to preserve Noi's Little Thai Village for generations to come. 

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Come immerse yourself in the Central Coast Conscious Community and learn all about holistic, mindful & spiritual health and wellness. 

Receive mini services & info! 

Modern Day Shamanic Healing, Natural Plant Based Skincare Products, 
CBD infused Massage, Bio Field Tuning, Reiki, Somatic Bodywork, Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Tea Ceremony, Yoga, Breath-work, Sound Bathing, Gyrotonic, LIVING Water Demo's & SO MUCH MORE!

Come get a reading from your local healers!

ASTROLOGY by, Abbie Coe Astro
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HUMAN DESIGN by, The Kristy Freequency
Book Now

LIFE PATH by, Soul Garden Companion
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INTUITIVE HEALING - by, Indiglow Healing
Call or Text - Holly - 805-440-3582

PSYCHIC MEDIUM - by, Tiffany Klemz Oracle
 Call or Text - Tiffany - 805-835-3979

11AM - FREE Community BREATH-WORK -
Led by, Michaela Goorahoo of EXPAND+BREATHE

2:30PM - FREE Community YOGA -
Led by, Seanna of Seanna Yoga & Wellness

4:00pm - Flow Arts - by Gwendolyn of Mandala Umbra

5:00pm - Bombooty Hype - Led by, Shawna Mox

5:30pm - Soul Disco -
Led by, Mela Carter of Lavender Haze

Tea Lounge Offerings By, Inari Tea & Art Experiences in partnership with Expand Breathe

Tea & Meditation Ceremony 11:30am

Susokuken Zen Breathwork & Tea Ceremony 1:00pm

Kid's Breathwork & Tea Ceremony 2:30pm

Drop in Tao & Communi-tea 3-5:30pm




Mark your calendars for CONSCIOUS-FEST, 

October 28th, 2023 – a celebration of unity, love, and compassion. 

Spread the word and join us for a remarkable event that will leave a lasting impact.

This Event is Sponsored by, 

High Tide500 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, CA 93442

Rising Tides - 560 Morro Bay Blvd Morro Bay, CA 93442

Curious Elixirs - Curious ElixirsUse discount code
CONSCIOUSFEST10 for $10 off an order of $50 or more.

690 Santa Maria Ave, Baywood-Los Osos, CA 93402

Mandala Umbra - @mandala_umbra 

Quantum Waves Hypnotherapy & Biofeedback735 Santa Ysabel Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93402

Stoke The World Non-Profit -

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Raffle winners do not need to be present. Winners will be announced live on Instagram. 
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All items are nonrefundable under any circumstances. 

Item Transfer Policy

If this event allows ticket transfers, you can transfer tickets to someone else by going into your confirmation email > View & Manage Order > Edit Ticket Info / Transfer. 

From there, you can change the name on the ticket & email it to the transferred person. 

Age Restriction
All ages are welcome.