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Even though Dave Tate is fairly new on the Central Coast of California, he has already made a lasting and deep impression on music lovers all around. Swift and uplifting, Dave has one of the most unique, soothing and some would even say, "loving" voices that I personally, have ever heard. His song-writing is tremendous and not only does he caress your ear drums with those soulful songs, he really draws you into an experience. I get to play with him as well. Not to miss.....especially with the new flooring in the St. Paul's Sanctuary....the sound will be brilliant! ----Brynn Albanese

"Breathtakingly Beautiful...A true listening experience...He posesses the special kind of talent you only see come along in a decennium. If you are lucky. He is an artist who is so incredibly good that you can't believe not all music magazines are writing about him already" ---Folk Forum

Don't miss this opportunity to be transported. Brynn Albanese, violin, Founder and Artistic Director of CCU will be joining him as well as the addition of an upright bass player...and??

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