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Celebrate World Oceans Day with us on Saturday, June 8 for a Dive & Beach Clean Up in Avila Beach with lunch, music and activities to follow!

You’re invited to make a splash for a cause at our Beach & Dive Clean-Up event in celebration of World Oceans Day! Dive into action as we come together to protect and preserve the pristine beauty of Avila Beach’s coastline and underwater wonders.

As stewards of the ocean, we invite individuals, families, and communities to come together and take action to protect and preserve our marine environment. Whether you’re an experienced diver or simply passionate about making a difference, this event offers an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the health and sustainability of our beaches and oceans.

Together, let’s honor World Oceans Day by taking meaningful action to protect and conserve our oceans for future generations. Join us in Avila Beach for a day of community, conservation, and celebration of our beautiful blue planet.

Register to participate in the dive cleanup through Revive Dive:

Register to participate in the beach cleanup through ECOSLO:

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