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The Early Show 6:30pm

General Admission to the 6:30pm SLOFunny Comedy Show. The Show is Rated PG-13 to Light R.

The Dirty Show 9pm

General Admission. SLOFunny 9pm Dirty Show

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Event Summary
July 29th, your favorite SLOFunny Comedy Show has an unbelievable lineup of stand-up comedians. Hosted by Gary Cannon (The Masked Singer/The Jennifer Hudson Show), with Sarah Halstead, Phil Johnson, Featuring Richard Chassler and Headliner Claude Stuart.

The Early Show: 6:30PM
Doors Open 30 minutes before showtime, except for VIP Pass Holders.
This show is Rated Light R (Strong Language, Adult Content, the occasional Freudian Slip)

The Dirty Show: 9pm
Doors Open 30 minutes prior to showtime, except for VIP Pass Holders.
This Show is Rated Very R. Some comics may us more strong language, stronger adult content. While we do not book overly lude comics, the gloves are off for this show. 

For A Discount Use Promo Code: slofunny
Note: Lineups are subject to change, but alway include 5 headliners.
Event Details

Hosted by Gary Cannon

Gary is a High Energy Comedian that knows how to warm up a crowd. He's worked on a variety of television shows like The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourn, Craig Ferguson, Last Call with Carson Daly, Dancing with the Stars, Chelsea Lately and Americas Got Talent. Currently, Gary warms up the crowd for The Masked Singer andThe Jennifer Hudson Show.
His comedic style combines improvisation and workplace appropriate humor, delivered with a polished and professional edge. For an early age even his mom new he was going to be a comedic genius, or at least that's what she's been telling him for years.

Sarah Halstead

Sarah Halstead is an actor and comedian. Native of Flint, Michigan, Sarah moved to New York shortly after high school, landing plum roles in theatre productions and network daytime dramas. Her comedy revolves around her early life in Flint, Michigan, her engagement to our feature Rich. Her comedy is very self-effacing. She's appeared in over 90 commercials, along with a slew of guest-star roles in both film and television. Sarah's comedy special RVs and Cats is available on Amazon Prime and her comedy album was released in 2021. Sarah's podcast Drinking During Business Hours is available on Apple Music, Spotify and iTunes. She performs standup all over the country and her show Bottle Shock Comedy is featured at Hollywood Improv every month.

Phil Johnson

Phil definitely has some dangerous grooves that will have you laughing 'til it hurts. He is a musician, song writer and stand-up comedian. His original songs are action packed and filled with the same hilarity he brings to stand-up. He's the Prince of Rock and Laugh. Phil is traveling all the way to Morro Bay from the valley of silicon and we don't mean Hollywood. Phil is a Bay Area comic and truly SLOFunny.

Featuring Richard Chassler

When Rich began his comedy career, people didn’t have cell phones, beepers were for doctors and “dealers” and Ronald Regan was still president! No newcomer to the world of Stand-Up Comedy, Rich brings many years of road touring experience to his hilarious show which has been described as a cross between a rollercoaster and a Grateful Dead concert, never giving you the same show twice. He has opened for comedy legends like Rite Rudner and Goerge Wallace, Richard Pryor Sam Kinison and Mitch Hedberg to name a few. He was one of the youngest headliners to tour the country.
His show is a “quirky” mix of true-life experiences, a healthy dose of observational humor, and a lot of improvisation. Being a trained improviser and super quick wit, you never know what direction Rich’s show is going to take as he loves to play with the crowd and keep the audience not just laughing but also thinking just a little bit.

Headliner Claude Stuart

From packing comedy venues across the globe to regular television appearances on shows like “The Tonight Show” and “Last Comic Standing”, veteran comedian Claude Stuart has come a long way from his down home southern roots. By his own admission, he was “paddled on more than one occasion for being the class clown.” Claude’s explosive, in-your-face, rapid-fire, madman stage style is truly an exhilarating assault on the senses and has evoked comparisons to golden era physical comedy. Claude’s unique brand of crowd interaction, coupled with clever and well-written jokes, makes him not only the world’s first physical insult comedian…but a “comedy triple threat”! 
Many people recognize Claude Stuart from hilarious national commercials he did for products such as Honda, Heineken, Jeep, Grapenuts, Doritos and even Midol. He has appeared on “That 70s Show”, “Scrubs”, “The Late, Late Show”, “Will & Grace”, “Comics Unleashed”, “Agent Carter”, “Melissa & Joey”, “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen, “The Best Damn Sports Show, Period!”, “Oblivious!”, “Talk Soup”, and as a regular on “The Bob and Tom Show”. He has been in feature films such as Starship Troopers, Man On The Moon and Adam Carolla’s Road Hard. He also created a show for The Tennis Channel that he wrote and hosted called “Game, Set & Laugh!”


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