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SLO Blues Fusion Canvas

May 25, 2024 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM

393 Pacific St
393 Pacific St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Lesson and Dance (7PM - 12AM)

Incl. $1.12 in fees

Grab your ticket for a full evening that kicks off with a dynamic blues to fusion dance lesson by Maya and Cat, followed by an electrifying social dance featuring Kevin Sean's live beats.

Social Dance (8PM - 12AM)

Incl. $0.81 in fees

Dont need lessons? Secure your ticket for an electrifying social dance extravaganza featuring live music by Kevin Sean—get ready to dance the night away with unstoppable rhythms and unapologetic fun!

Dinner (6-7pm)

Incl. $0.50 in fees

Upgrade your experience with a dinner ticket, indulging in pizza before setting the night ablaze.

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Event Summary

Experience a night of rhythmic rebellion with Maya Jaycox, Cat Cooper, and host Drew Davis, featuring Kevin Sean's live beats. Dive into their blues to fusion class, conquer partner connections, and hit the dance floor for a fiery fusion. Unleash the fun with live performances, art by Drew Davis, and drinks to match your energy. Your ultimate playground is set!

Event Details

Get set to command the night with the dynamic trio of Maya Jaycox, Cat Cooper, and the charismatic host, Drew Davis, along with the electrifying sounds of Kevin Sean! Immerse yourself in Maya and Cat's blues to fusion class, where you'll not only conquer the rhythm but also master partner connections and unleash wicked call-response moves that are bound to turn heads.

As the class wraps up, prepare to hit the dance floor with Kevin blues beats that's nothing short of pure fire. Kevin Sean's live performance and our lineup of DJs will keep the vibe pulsating. Feeling a bit parched? Fear not, our local bartender has concoctions perfectly tailored to match your energy.

Amidst tearing up the dance floor, don't forget to check out the captivating art by Drew Davis that surrounds you. This isn't just another dance class; it's a night of beats, moves, and unapologetic fun. Keep it real, keep it fierce – this night is your ultimate playground!

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